Warranty extension

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Equipment Protection Program

The Equipment Protection Program enables you to protect your machines beyond the standard warranty. This program provides you with the highest level of repair cost coverage for your new, used or reconditioned equipment.

EPP: Warranty extension option for machines


Eligible machines are new machines currently covered by the standard warranty. The ‘New’ EPP covers the power train, hydraulic system and factory-fitted technology.


This option is intended for any machines that are no longer covered by either the standard warranty or the ‘New’ EPP.

Individual Used :
  • Machines already in the customer’s possession
  • Conditions and pricing for the EPP based on machine age, model and operating hours
  • Coverage up to 12 years or 12,000 hours, whichever comes first.
Cat Certified Used CCU or Dealer Certified Used DCU :
  • EPP intended for reselling your machine
  • Enhances the value of your used equipment when being resold
  • Cost of the EPP set as a percentage of the equipment’s selling price.


Machines and components reconditioned in accordance with the CCR process are also eligible for the EPP (conditions apply).

Types of reconditioning:

  • CCR/CPT/CPT+: machine & power train
  • CMCR: component
  • CER: industrial engine


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ESC: Warranty extension option for industrial engines and generator sets

  • The ‘New Extended Service Coverage’ is associated with the standard warranty, and is only available during this standard warranty.
  • The ‘Advantage Extended Service Coverage’ is available after the standard warranty or period of the New ESC. The ‘Advantage’ option will be converted into an ‘OPC’ when an overhaul is carried out.
  • The ‘Overhaul Extended Service Coverage’ covers the dealer’s labor and components replaced or reconditioned when the overhaul is carried out.


Coverage levels:

Silver :

  • Basic coverage, ±60% of major components
  • Includes the stator, rotor and excitation system

Gold: Identical to Silver plus:

  • Turbos
  • Injection system
  • Water pumps
  • Alternator control panel

Platinum: Similar to the standard warranty

  • All components on the invoice with a Caterpillar part number
  • Excludes consumables (filters, hoses and belts)

Platinum Plus: Identical to Platinum, with additional specific coverage options

  • Cat components installed by the dealer
  • The list of additional Cat components must be approved

Contact your Parts & Service Sales Representative for more information.