Special offer on Cat Coolant (ELC)

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Cat Coolant (ELC : Extended Life Coolant)

Did you know that 40% of premature engine failures are due to problems in the cooling system? They could be avoided by a proper maintenance and the choice of the right coolant.

Choosing an ELC is important as much as fuel or oil, to optimize performance and equipment life.

Its role?

  • Maintain the engine operating temperature when the engine is running (up to 170°C)
  • Avoid corrosion and damage to the cooling system.

Its benefits:

Extended Life Coolant (ELC) is first adapted and specially designed for your Cat machines.

It offers you:

  • An increased product lifetime (possibility to extend the drain interval up to 12,000H with the addition of a Cat ELC extender from 6,000H)
  • Effective protection of expensive components against corrosion
  • Protection against cavitation and boiling risks.


**Cat ELC is also suitable for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International, Mack and Volvo equipment.

For more information, download our product brochure on: https://www.jadelmas.com/en/products/caterpillar-lubricants/