Rebuilds and reconditioning offers

Our Component Rebuild Centers (CRC) provide a service at a regional level: major components and machines rebuild and reconditioning.

Through efficient logistical support and increasingly advanced facilities, our technical teams are able to perform a complete like-new reconditioning of your main components, and of the machine itself. Three countries in the region are home to a Component Rebuild Center (CRC): Burkina Faso, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire.


To best meet the needs of its customers, JA Delmas has built a number of Component Rebuild Centers (CRCs) since 2005.

These centers abide by contamination control regulations: pressurized workshops, optimized storage conditions for spare parts, packaging and protection for reconditioned components.

Gampela CRC in Burkina Faso:

  • An area of 2100 m²
  • 12.5-ton and 5-ton overhead cranes
  • Components processed: 3516, C175-16 (795F) engines
  • Other components: transmission systems, torque converters, differentials, final drives, hydraulic cylinders, injection pumps
  • A 4400 Hp engine test bench.

Abidjan CRC in Cote d’Ivoire:

  • An area of 1000 m²
  • 10-ton crane
  • Engine components: 3508 / C32 (777G)
  • Other components: transmission systems, torque converters, differentials, final drives, hydraulic cylinders, injection pumps
  • A 2100 Hp engine test bench.

Bamako CRC in Mali:

  • 1500 m² workshop, including 1,100 m² pressurized and air-conditioned
  • A 5-ton overhead crane and 10 lifting cranes ranging from 500 kg to 3 tons
  • Engine components: 3512 (785C)
  • Other components: transmissions, torque converters, differentials, final drives, hydraulic cylinders, injection pumps
  • A 2100 Hp engine test bench.

The « repair options » program

Our Repair Options are fixed-rate services that include repair, reconditioning, standard replacement or new parts.

These fixed-rate services aim to guarantee a uniform and transparent price level across our Network, without any hidden costs

We offer you 7 different Repair Options each related to a specific component:

Extension of the component lifespan

  • Level 1 Démontage & Expertise: Expertise of your composant, bespoke repair quote
  • Level 1+ Seals & Bearings: Replacement of standard wear parts
  • Level 2 Basic Repair: Replacement of key component parts

Resetting the component hour meter

  • Level 3 Dealer Rebuild: Your component reconditioned in our CRC
  • Level 3+ Delmas Dealer Reman : Replacement – component reconditioned in our CRC
  • Level 4 Reman Component: Replacement – component reconditioned by Caterpillar
  • Level 5 New Component: Replacement with a new component


The benefits:

  • A fixed-price without any hidden costs
  • 20 to 75% savings on a new component price depending on the selected option
  • Simplified maintenance budget
  • Complete assessment of your components + customized recommandations
  • 6 month-warranty (up to level 2) or 12 months (level 3 and beyond) covering parts and labor

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All Caterpillar equipment, including their major components, are designed to be reconditioned several times in their lifecycle. Indeed, our « Certified Rebuild » program aims to give new life to your machines, from a complete rebuild of their components, to the complete reconditioning of your equipment in compliance with strict specifications from Caterpillar :

  • 100% Cat genuine parts (new, reman or DDR) at a fraction of the new price
  • Like-new reconditioning (in appearence & performance)
  • Release of a new serial number
  • Inclusion of all known critical updates
  • Optional Inclusion of the latest technological innovations upgrades
  • Installation of a « ProductLink » box (fleet monitoring)

The benefits:

  • A second life for your machine or components at a fraction of the new price
  • Higher reselling value
  • Same level of performance as new or even higher in case of updates / upgrades
  • 12 month-warranty covering parts and labor + optional warranty extension

  • CERTIFIED REBUILD (CCR): Complete machine
  • CERTIFIED POWERTRAIN (CPT): Complete powertrain + radiator
  • CERTIFIED POWERTRAIN PLUS (CPT+): CPT + additional operations
  • CERTIFIED HYDRAULIC REBUILD (CHR): Complete excavator hydraulic system
  • CERTIFIED MACHINE COMPONENT REBUILD (CMCR): Engine or Transmission / Torque convertor or Differential / Final Drives
  • CERTIFIED ENGINE REBUILD (CER): Industrial engines (gensets, marine…)

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