Preventive maintenance parts

Preventive maintenance parts enable you to maintain your equipment at the best possible condition, prevent catastrophic failures and keep your costs at the minimum level.

Maintenance parts account for barely 3% of the operating costs during the machine’s entire lifecyle. However, changing these parts at the recommended interval will prevent a vast majority of catastrophic failures that can lead to costly repairs.

These parts are fast, non-reusable parts that need to be changed on a regular basis to protect the entire system. They comprise filters, electrical parts, lubricants and technical fluids.

Caterpillar filtration

From filters sold over the counter to full maintenance contracts, discover all of our solutions to enjoy a high quality filtration.

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Caterpillar batteries

The Cat power delivered to your machines. Discover our maintenance-free batteries.

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Caterpillar lubricants

Caterpillar lubricants enable to get the best out of your equipment in terms of durability and productivity.

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