Ground Engaging Tools

High performance wear parts to optimize your productivity and protect your bottomline.


Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are wear parts with high impact and abrasion resistance, which primary function is twofold:

  • Protect machines’ critical components
  • Optimize cost per hour and productivity

All of our ground engaging tools are made of steel with a specific heat treatment, in order to increase their durability and produce more and longer. Several qualities of steel are available:

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DH2 steel

Through hardened steel, maximum wear life and increased durability for very demanding environments

DH3 steel

Extra heat treatment, increased resistance to impacts and high temperatures, ideal for heavy duty tasks and severe conditions (high abrasion teeth, ripping, mining…)

"ARM" option ("Abrasion-Resistant Material")

Available on every steel grade, they come with an inclusion of tungsten carbide particles on surfaces exposed to a high level of abrasion for an increased durability: please contact us for more information.


The various ranges available at Caterpillar are the following:

J series

The market reference, often copied but never equalled. This range offers superior efficiency and reliability due to a simple, multiusage horizontal retaining system that matches most makes on the market.


  • Applications: all applications
  • Steel class: DH-2
  • Profiles: 12
  • Retaining system: horizontal
  • Locking method: with a hammer
  • Sizes: J200 to J800
  • Models: 311 to 349 excavators – 930 to 988 wheel loaders

K series

Increased performance, enhanced resistance and productivity, better retention of the tips, and fast, hammerless removal & installation thanks to its vertical retainer.


  • Applications: moderate to high abrasion and impact
  • Steel class: DH-3
  • Profiles: 12
  • Retaining system: vertical
  • Locking method: Compression (all) – hammerless (336 and above)
  • Sizes: K80 to K170
  • Models: 311 to 390 excavators – 950 to 988 wheel loaders

Advansys series

The latest addition to the Caterpillar range, a breakthough innovation thanks to its new CapSure™ retention system. With extra material, no external retainer, and a trapezoidal profile this new system ensures a higher durability and maximum productivity.



  • Applications: moderate to high abrasion and impact
  • Steel class: DH-3
  • Profiles: 15
  • Retaining system: integrated
  • Locking method: Hammerless – CapSure™ system
  • Sizes: CA80 to CA230
  • Models: 311 to 390 excavators – 950 to 994 wheel loaders

"Large-Mining" series

Designed for mining shovels, this range matches the most severe environments such as surface mining.

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  • Applications: high abrasion and impact
  • Steel class: DH-3
  • Profiles: 16
  • Retaining system: integrated
  • Locking method: Hammerless – CapSure™ system
  • Sizes: C70 to C145
  • Models: 6015 to 6090 Hydraulic mining shovels, Draglines, Rope shovels


Caterpillar also offers a wide choice of Ground Engaging Tools for various applications:

Motor Graders Cutting edges

Made from DH2 steel, they benefit from a life warranty against breakage. These edges with double bevel ensure excellent penetration and increased wear life. They also exist ARM (« Abrasion-Resistant Material »).

Dozers cutting edges

Made from DH2 steel (up to the D7 series) or DH3 steel (above D8 series), edges and end bits are available in several versions according to the application (extended wear life, level cut, utility…).

Ripper teeth

Made from DH3 steel, they are available in several version according to the application (penetration, with ARM, long…).

Wear protections for buckets

A very wide range of protection solutions, such as MAWPS (mechanically attached wear plates), wear blocks, choky bars, wear buttons… which purpose is to extend buckets wear life.

Cutter bits

JA Delmas distributes the Kennametal ™ range on all your CAT and non CAT machines, for road rehabilitation and milling applications.


We are able to supply you with a complete, tailor-made range of CAT and non-CAT buckets.

Contact your PSSR or your nearest Cat dealership for a complete and detailed analysis of your needs, as well as measurements taken directly on the machine.

Our “Bucket Pro” software will allow to follow the wear condition of the most exposed parts of your buckets (sides, base edges, shrouds…): contact us for a free inspection and detailed recommendation on how to extend the wear life of your equipment!


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