Our Rebuild solutions

To give your machine a second life

Rebuild Solutions are above all:

  • Improving the efficiency of your machine
  • Increased productivity
  • The same manufacturer’s warranty as a new machine
  • Lower in cost compared to buying a new machine

Cat Certified Rebuild

This solution gives your machine a second life.

It includes:

  • Technical and mechanical repair of the machine
  • Repair of the sheet metal
  • The use of 100% original Cat parts, new, reman or dealer rebuild in our CRCs
  • The rebuild of the machine as new in appearance and performance
  • Repaint
  • Resetting the SMU
  • Preservation of machine history in SIMSi
  • A new serial number assigned to the machine
  • The critical update “Updates” including all service letters issued on the machine since its launch
  • The technical update “Upgrades” corresponding to technological innovations
  • Installation of a Product Link box, if not already equipped on the machine
  • Cat standard 12 month warranty
  • An optional warranty extension (EPP) according to the customer’s needs



A complete machine rebuild can be done only once in a machine’s life cycle.

However, alternative solutions exist to allow you to preserve our historic machines:

Rebuild of powertrain, hydraulic system and components

As with the machine rebuild, this offer brings you the same technical and economic advantages.

This solution is available as many times as needed.


The offer is a continuation of our “Repair Options” program.

Because our main goal is your satisfaction.

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