Are you aware of the digital solution provided by CATERPILLAR and JA Delmas ?
We have a complete suite of applications to help you manage your fleet remotely, from any connected device. You will have the possibility to get all the datas you need to make the best decision and optimize your fleet performance, wherever you are, when you need it.

With an update up to every 10 minutes, Vision Link allow you to precisely track your machines utilization (hours, positon and fuel consumption). You also have access, in live, to all the fault code and anomaly generated by your equipment prior to schedule an intervention. Review or CAT Connect offer to know all our options and prices.

Visit https://www.myvisionlink.com

This free of charge portal can provide on a daily base all the important information you need about your equipements : OMM, warranty date, hours and position (for your connected assets). From the maintenance tracking pages you can also order maintenance parts or ask for the intervention from one of our technician.

An additional application, « CATAPP », is now available for small fleet (> 20 machines) on your mobile

Visit https://my.cat.com

Order your parts 24/7, and get information on the price and availability of approx. 1,4 million Cat part numbers in real time.

A « CAT IP » options also exists if you have an ERP system and regular orders,to receive the information on your parts direclty on your system for a higher efficiency

Visit https://parts.cat.com or contact us at partstore@jadelmas.com.

Track your spare parts orders in real time. You will then be informed on the exact position and lead time for your orders request an access today on https://espace-client.jadelmas.com/pages/login/sign-in.

Do not waste any time! Connect today on our applications to start benefiting from a 360° vision of your fleet, without moving from your office or home!

The online adventure continues!

JA Delmas team. Committed. Always.