Maintenance Contracts

JA Delmas offers you service contracts to help you get the best out of your equipment, and control your maintenance costs.

Our « Customer Value Agreements » (CVA) are service contracts that enable you to externalize part or all of your maintenance, and benefit from reduced operating costs, higher performances and increased reliability of your machines throughout their lifecycle.

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The benefits

Maintain your equipment at a fixed hourly rate
Plan your maintenance and operating costs with accuracy
Avoid any risk of unscheduled and costly failures



An assistance contract enable you to forget the management and risk associated to spare parts supply in order to perform a preventive maintenance, including major components, as well as ground engaging tools, undercarriage or hose assemblies.

This offering covers:

  • Preventive maintenance kits supply for each interval recommended by CAT
  • Complete annual technical inspection of your machine with detailed reports
  • Data collection through the Product Link™ box and the VisionLink™ platform


In the execution of this contract our technicians will perform on your behalf the PM3 (1000h) and PM4 (2000h) preventive maintenance operations.

You will also benefit from an annual technical inspection and access to your VisionLink data, as with the level 1 assistance contract.

The other maintenance intervals such as PM1 (250h) and PM2 (500h) can be performed either by your teams our ours, at your convenience


A total maintenance contract is the best maintenance option for your equipment. It gives full responsibility of the repair and maintenance operations to your dealer. You will therefore save on the inventory management stock, technical team resources, facilities and tooling, as well as training etc.

We will ensure you reach the longest lifespan at the lower cost per hour. The total maintenance contract includes all the operations from the Preventive Maintenance Contract and allows you to:

  • Avoid the transportation of the parts from site to workshop
  • Significantly reduce the intervention lead-time
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Guarantee maximum safety and reliability
  • Reduce significantly the costs caused by downtime