Site Audits

The JA Delmas Network provides a service to examine the operating and maintenance conditions of your Caterpillar machines.


By entrusting JA Delmas with the task of conducting an audit of your site, you benefit from an international methodology for objective assessment and analysis aimed at identifying the areas of development for your operations:

  • Regular site analysis, using shared assessment tools
  • Identifying elements of the site that have an impact on cost and performance
  • Comprehensive or targeted assessment aimed at improving specific aspects
  • Measuring continuous improvement efforts through periodical reassessments

A site audit is a review of the operating and maintenance conditions of your Caterpillar machines. The scope of the study is defined together, depending on whether you’re seeking a specific analysis or a comprehensive audit of your activities:

Conditions of the site and machinery operation:

  • Operating conditions (site)
  • Application conditions (process) and management of loading operations
  • Machine configuration

Maintenance and repair processes:

  • Management of parts and components
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repair and workshop management
  • Planning
  • Condition Monitoring

More than just a snapshot at any given moment, the site audit is the starting point for a project of continuous improvement, which upon your request can be conducted in partnership with JA Delmas and Caterpillar.


A project for continuous improvement is a proactive and dynamic process that involves JA Delmas, Caterpillar and you the customer, at the same time.

The main thrust of this shared goal is to work together to improve your performance, by enhancing each stage of the development of your business activities.

The key areas of this approach are based on four core themes:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Operational efficiency
  • Savings in logistics and inventories
  • Environment and safety
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