JA Delmas – Ongoing service

Dear Customer,

The world is experiencing a pandemic of which the epicentre happens to be in Europe. The operational challenges for our companies are major and we are happy to have avoided any impact on your operations since the beginning of this crisis in China. We are now entering a new phase in France and have already taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of our services.

Prior to operations, Crisis Committees govern our health and safety processes. The Bordeaux office has adopted level 3 measures and as of this weekend, level 2 for the African organisations as a precaution. We extend the protection measures for our employees to our visitors with the aim of limiting any potential transmission of the virus during our multiple exchanges.

In practical terms, concerning the processing of your orders, our Bordeaux collaborators are carrying out many functions from their homes. We are making every effort to maintain the same level of service. Should you however experience too long response times, or if you encounter any other difficulties, we invite you to inform us immediately by forwarding your message to hotline@jadelmas.com. Furthermore, you can also follow your orders on our Maestro application.

As of tomorrow morning, a dedicated team will monitor your messages in real time. This system has been set up to monitor all case files and supplemented by the relocation to Africa of certain functions, in particular logistic procedures. This measure concerns few customers and will require your prior agreement. This approach remains proactive, in regards to the eventuality of a complete and long-term containment on certain sites.

Prior to our dealership service, the manufacturer has implemented processes to secure supplies, in particular for spare parts and we have not yet noted any deterioration in service. For example, 100% of the top 20 Chinese suppliers are in full operation and 98% of the others have resumed their activity for more than a week. Concerning materials, the Asian factories have also resumed their production and the delays suffered had no significant impact on your orders, being models generally managed in our stocks.

Subsequent to the Caterpillar supply chain, is our well-developed, multi-asset network offering numerous local solutions:

  • The largest stock of spare parts of approximately €80 million, following actions defined mid-2019, to improve the service rate. These local stocks, now becoming your main source of supply for CAT SP, can also be used as a relay to an offshore solution.
  • More than 2200 people, including over 800 mechanics based in your countries and able to intervene on your sites without having to cross borders, repair / renovation workshops available with minimal dependency on international logistics.
  • A Network of 11 countries, fully interconnected by duplicate communication systems permitting the use of resources from neighbouring countries should operations be suspended on a particular site.
  • Local skilled teams, with for the past year increased autonomy, thus enabling local decision-making.
  • A stock of new machines in the order of €50 million supplemented with Used machines in various countries as well as a rental fleet of around 400 machines that can serve as a relay in the event of other equipment being temporarily unavailable.
  • Repair activities will continue at crisis level 3 with “potential” non-contagion measures according to our internal rules but also in compliance with the regulations specific to your sites. At level 4, a joint validation by the cordon sanitaire will be made prior to any intervention.

Due to its “multi-country” structure, our network proves resilient to the current crisis, and business continuity plans have been successfully deployed for a few days, in particular on the Offshore flow. All of our African resources combined with the flexibility of our different human solutions are factors that enable us to secure your operations. However, we remain at your disposal to find the ad hoc solutions to any noted defects, and will make any additional means available to you.

Your satisfaction is our goal and our commitment is to achieve these operational performances, including in times of crisis, and in alignment with your legitimate requests, prioritising those in the health sector.

Very best regards

President JA DELMAS