Cat Wet batteries

” Sure starting power in any condition “

Choose our range of cat® batteries

6 reasons why you should choose wet cell batteries :

  • 5 Cat Performance Tests Exceeding Industry Standards
  • Less maintenance
  • More power
  • 5x more resistant to vibration than the industry standard
  • Faster start-up
  • A 24 month warranty

Powerful batteries that stand the test of time

Our Cat batteries are used for all Cat equipment and other heavy equipment (if applicable).

They provide better starting power, up to 1500 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). By offering optimum resistance to vibration as well as better reserve capacity, Cat batteries are designed to adapt to extreme conditions, while ensuring long life and reliability.

Cat batteries are available in :

  • Wet configuration
  • Maintenance Free Accessible option (MFA)



The benefits of our batteries

And the bonus with Maintenance Free Accessible (MFA) & WET configuration :

The range of Cat wet batteries with the “accessible maintenance free” option gives you the following benefits:

  • A ready-to-use battery (consistent quality electrolyte included from the factory – a battery that’s operational right off the shelf)
  • Longer life and higher performance compared to dry batteries
  • A reduction of the following risks compared to dry batteries (risk of explosion, loss of water and gas)
  • Possibility to check and maintain the electrolyte level (every 500H) thanks to the caps installed on the battery

Storage life: 2 years (under the condition of a full recharge after one year)