Cat® General Duty Tips

Affordability + Reliability + Adaptability = Best Fit

The best fit for your budget

JA Delmas has launched in 2021 a new range of ground engaging tools across its network: the « General Duty » series.

Discover a range offering excellent value for money, maximum reliability and optimized flexibility.

In a nutshell:

  • Developed by Caterpillar, the « General Duty » series is one of the most cost-effective ranges on the market, while ensuring an excellent productivity and ease of use.
  • This range is ideal in the most standard construction applications, with low to moderate impact and abrasion conditions (laterite, loam, gravel, crushed rocks …).
  • General Duty also benefits from a highly competitive pricing for all small to medium excavators and wheel loaders that are originally fitted with J-series or equivalent horizontal retaining systems.


The General Duty range at a glance

  • Applications: common (low to moderate impact and abrasion conditions)
  • Available profiles: 2
  • Retaining system: horizontal
  • Locking method: with a hammer
  • Sizes: G250 to G460
  • Models: 311 to 345 excavators –930 to 988 wheel loaders

Testimonial by Benoit Sawadogo, JA Delmas network wear parts product specialist

The General Duty range offers an excellent level of performance at a very competitive price. Because we put our customers first, it is the first time Caterpillar offers such price levels, while keeping high standards. Customers can then make substantial savings without sacrificing durability.

Why choose the new General Duty line?

  • Reliable: tips are designed by Caterpillar and manufactured according to very strict specifications
  • Flexible: they can fit all the buckets on the market with J series or equivalent horizontal devices
  • Multi-usage: available in 2 standard profiles, long and rock chisel.
  • Ready to use: delivered in a complete package including the tip + pin + retainer
  • Safe: the Caterpillar standard warranty against breakage applies

Standard long

Most versatile shape with good balance of penetration, strength and abrasion resistance. Standard shape and most applications.

Rock chisel

The rock chisel tip is shaped like a chisel for easier penetration, which resists blunting.

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