CAT COOLANT : Cat ELC (Extended Life Coolant)


Cat offers extended life coolant, which protects equipment and help support customer’s investments.

Developed, tested and approved by Caterpillar, Cat ELC exceeds Cat EC-1* performance requirements.
Thanks to its advanced formula technology, it provides the best protection for your machine’s coolant system against corrosion, scaling and deposits.


*EC-1 : the minimum performance requirements that an engine coolant must meet to be sold as an coolant for Cat engines.

Note Caterpillar does not monitor or approve any competitive products that claim to meet Cat EC-1 standards. Suppliers are responsible for the quality and performance of their own products, including any associated liabilities.


  • Used for all Cat machine cooling systems
  • Meets the performance requirements of Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International, Mack and Volvo engines



A premium product, which offers you :

  1. Factory-Fill
    used as standard factory-fill for all Cat machine cooling systems
  2. An industry leading corrosion resistance
    an advanced formula technology with organic acid additive corrosion inhibitors (= combination of mono and dicarboxylates for a maximum protection of copper/steel/cast iron and aluminium)
  3. Longer engine life
    an Advanced Metal protection
  4. A better inventory management
    can be used in most OEM diesel/gasoline/natural gas engines – whatever the brand
  5. …and mainly a Owning & Operating costs reduction (O&O costs)
    thanks to its drain interval extension* at… 12,000 service hours

*Add Cat ELC extender at 6,000 service hours & annual SOS Level 2 coolant sampling and analysis



Cat Extended Life Coolant allows you to extend your drain intervals, saving both time & money.

  • Coolant longer life

It lasts at least 4 times longer as a conventional coolant.

Indeed, Cat Extended Life Coolant extends the service life of the coolant to 12,000 services hours and does not require the frequent addition of an extender additive. This extender is the only additionnal maintenance that is needed at 6000 hours (one half of the Cat ELC service life)

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduces coolant and additive costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional coolants + no need for supplemental coolant additives. It extends coolant maintenance intervals and reduces disposal requirements.


SOS coolant analysis is a program based on periodic samples, which provides a complete method for monitoring the condition of your coolant and the health of all engine systems. It tests the ability of the coolant to protect the engine for boiling and freezing.


  • Level 1 Analysis provides a close look at the condition of your coolant, including nitrite level, pH, conductivity, visual and odor characteristics, freeze protection and water hardness (if conventional coolant is used).
  • Level 2 Analysis includes all level 1 tests plus spectrographic and electrophoresis analysis. It can detect metal corrosion, build-up of impurities, scaling and other problems before they cause downtime and major repairs.


For more infirmation, download our documentation :

ELC brochure